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Power Of Thoughts


Don’t victimize yourself with negative thoughts! Your mind is a powerful tool! Think about what you want. Know what you want. Know you will receive it and dissociate yourself with negative influences. Think with absoluteness and you have already conquered the hardest battle… Yourself. Everyday and everybody has new, wonderful and inspiring aspects to them. Utilize and harness the power of influence, change and experience to change your philosophy to a positive one. The key to success in any area of life is successfully training your brain to think with positivity and definiteness. So next time you look into the mirror dump those bad thoughts into the trash can .. Not the recycling bin. You are worth it. Make this life worth it. Build your dreams, not others’. #HerbaLife #WellnessCoach#inspiration #Optimism #MindPower #goals #fitspiration #health#SuccessTips #ReinventYourself #Improvement


Loook peeps… Everybody in the world is going to have a “bad” day.. You may cheat on their new fitness plan or you may wake up in the mindset that is anything but ambitious or motivating.. BUT what you decide to do that next day after that little hick up is what shows your character! It’s that reassurance that yes you are human. So are you going to let that speed bump from yesterday become your new hang out spot or are you going to continue on that path you were so intrigued to venture on? Again, your human. We are all human. So surround yourself with people that are uplifting and who will make your path to new health and fitness an exciting, enjoyable journey. Talk to me if you need that kind of positive, uplifting energy. No one deserves to be buried by their negative peers. Get a health coach today… Trust me.. You’ll wish you had 6 months from now! Contact me for a FREE health evaluation today! (
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I know it’s tough to admit sometimes… But the people you spend the most time with rub off on you. Whether it’s positive or negative depends on the person. But it’s okay to say I need something more .. I need someone to help me stay motivated.. To help me reach my goals.. Cuz let’s face it achieving goals are much more enjoyable with others! .. So if your goal is to get healthy and fit this year, let me be your motivation buddy! We can both experience this journey together and fall in love with the results together! Or better yet, if fitness and health is a potential career path for you, let’s take our passion and ambitions to the next level and become a supportive team! If you are interested in having a personal wellness coach or if you are interested in being one contact me now! Email: #wellnesscoach #health #fitness #fitspiration #healthcoach#nutrition #team #teambuilding #healthylifestyle #activelifestyle#motivation #results #improvehealth #nutritioncoach


This is by far one of my favorite bumper stickers! … It is so true for every aspect in life and for all types of goals and ambitions. No one ever succeeded without hitting every failing obstacle that goes along with the journey. You have to weed out the negatives, all the “nos”and the failures to find the wins and successes that help you grow and get you closer to your ultimate goal. Where would the fun and gratitude be in getting all your dreams and aspirations handed to you on a silver platter? There wouldn’t be any. And in affect you could take the accomplishment for granted and find yourself steadily heading towards the failure curve from the top! How ironic. It’s a mental and physical climb to reach your goals. You finally succeed or “become lucky” (as the lazy would say) through that personal growth and struggle. It builds character. It makes you strong. It makes you who you are. Don’t look at closed doors as signs to give up. Look at them as locked closets that have no room for you or anything you have to offer. Let the fails and locked doors guide you to the door to your kingdom. By then you’d already be molded into a king. Right? Never give up. Never get discouraged. And when you do find yourself losing hope find the positive lights in your life to bring you back to reality… Back to your dreams… back to your path to ultimate success. #DreamBig #FailToSucceed #HerbaLife #NeedACoach?#wellnesscoach


Making an investment of time, effort and money into your health and overall well being is the best investment you can ever make! :) . Materials cannot give you the pure joy and happiness that exercise and eating healthy can bring to you! Everyone is scared of dying or being struck with a major illness right? Essentially this comes from the want for a long, active, happy life. Well, I’ve got news for you! That life that you want and plan to have many years from now starts with turning off the tv, taking strolls outside, eating well balanced in the kitchen and reading! Plain and simple right? Well maybe not when your constantly influenced by outside sources telling you other wise. Ignore the commercials, be the leader (even if your a one man show) within your peer groups, make time for exercise and read as if you never left school. :) You will be shocked to find how much more you are able to grow. Self improvement doesn’t stop after you’ve graduated from school or after you’ve landed that “dream job.” Self improvement should be a constant exercise within your life. So how are you utilizing your 24 Hours a day? I’m sure after you break down your daily routine you could see factors that could be replaced or utilized in a more beneficial way. So get at it! Life doesn’t wait for anyone. Your working for the money to live and survive right? Well where’s the worth in that money if your body can’t keep up? Find the influences that lift you hire and keep you in that improving mindset. And Don’t be scared to say I can’t find that type of influence within my core circles. I’m right here for you if you need it! Message me or email me at if you want to change your life for an ever better future. Let’s get started on your free health evaluation today! Your brain, body and happiness will thank you for a lifetime! #YourHerbaLifeCoach#wellnesscoach #healthcoach #fitness #fitspiration #nutrition#nutritioncoach #encouragement #lifechange #selfimprovement #herbalife

Make Each Month Unique

              You only have one chance. One shot to score for the win. Where do you begin? Strategies, in all shapes and forms, are placed into action everyday in some hopes to rise above an obstacle and eventually surpass a challenge with flying colors. Well, where do you begin? Look at the history. What have others done in similar situations before you. Did they fail? Or did they crush that challenge and move on to bigger and better things? However, similar tasks begin to mutate, evolve as we evolve with time and innovation. So no, copying is not allowed and you may find yourself flunking. So yes, be original, do you, but always have that set of footnotes in the back of your mind as a guide. But wait, why am I even talking about all this. Oh yea, I’ve entered myself into a game. A very long, heartbreaking, but glorious game. Music. Now a days you can make it on your own. You don’t need to win American Idol, or stalk record companies and celebrities. Social media is your number one tool and will be until they day you finally give up and forfeit. Yea, the one good thing about this game is that you never lose. You may be losing, but you never lose. You can play this game until the day you die and never win. But you will never lose. Thats because no one can delete your YouTube, Soundcloud, ReverbNation, Facebook, MySpace or DatPiff account, but you. No one can stop listeners from listening, downloading and buying your music. You legitimately have to pull yourself out of the game, delete everything you’ve ever posted online and walk away to actually lose this game. But its not even losing, its just puting your hands in the air and calling a time out. This is the game im in and this is why my strategy is the way it is.

              “Hey have you heard of this song!?” This is where your career usually begins. This is when the gun is finally pointed at the sky and “boom!” The race is in action. However, I’ve come to notice that artists create high hurtles for themselves. They upload their first, very catchy hit to YouTube and then go back to the lab to record more. But wait, listeners want more! They get excited about this up and coming artist and search all over the place for more music. But there isn’t any, yet. You’ve teased them. You’ve built up your credibility with one hit but now they are going to overplay it, get sick of it, move on and forget to search for your new music in a month or two. Now you have to start all over.

              A month or two passes, your confidence goes up and you release a couple more songs or even some remixes. You now have to regain a fan base you already had once before and now you have to show labels and/or managers that you have what it takes. But there is no give. Your new, you don’t have a substantial amount of “originals.” Just because you rocked a remix or remake doesn’t mean you have the credibility or the potential to last as an independent artist with your own instrumentals and lyrics. The labels see your talent, but do not see you as a marketable artist. You just leaped, tipped the edge and fell to the floor on your second hurtle. Now what do you do? You sit there clicking that “share” button until you come up with new inspiration. New material to really wow the crowd. You invest an outrageous amount of money into producers to create your very own mixtape/album. Months go by, time keeps ticking, you grow an irk in your stomach that maybe it will never happen. Maybe you were never meant to succeed. Maybe you should just continue calling it a “hobby.” But no! You refuse to give up. Think about all that time wasted if you give up. You shake your head, step in front of the microphone, and wait for that red recording button to flash on. Then you let it rip.

              This is probably a journey that a countless number of artists have followed. Well, I don’t want to follow that same road. So instead of working my way up to that point, im going to work my way backwards. First, im going to play around with music programs and start making my own beats. I’ll write on the side, maybe in class or just in my mind at work. I’ll invest in a standard starter microphone and produce some original songs. I’ll make a full mix tape, create some cds, show it to friends and family and upload them onto my Facebook page. I get feedback and critiques on my work and then upload them to other music sites to just put myself out there. I do not plan on getting much attention because without remixes whose going to randomly come by it. Next I start searching for already famous instrumentals to record remixes over. I do not wait to create a full packaged mixtape to start releasing my new material. I’ll upload them onto the internet as pairs, one song showing a different side of me than the other. There. I have a 50/50 chance of one of the songs satisfying a listeners’ taste. Hopefully. Then I wait for the hunt. They heard my catchy remix. They want more. Well hey! Guess who has a full mixtape for you to download with a click of a mouse. This guys does. The listeners grabbed a taste of my sound, got thirsty and now have their thirst quenched. Views, shares, likes, and downloads get racked up.

              “You got the music kid. But…” I know, I know. I need to show that I am a marketable artist musically and visually. That’s where photo shoots come in. Luckily my sister is a talented photographer. CLICK. Photos get added to my site and used for future advertisements and cover art work. My YouTube videos and Mixtapes in general will look more professional and legit with fresh coverwork. Hmmm. But artwork costs money. Well hey, good thing I can do it on my own with skills I learned in computer design class! And oh wait, how could I forget! I am also a video production major with the ability and knowledge to story board, shoot, act and edit my very own music video too! Cool. #College

              This strategy is all about building my name as independently as possible. I don’t need to be corrupted by mainstream managers telling me how to look or be. I can just do me. Make it, love it, live it.

              Next is shows. Who is going to pay me to perform at their venue without a credible fan base? No one. But hey, while I was busy with photo shoots and artwork my fan base continued to grow. Every “Like” “Fan” and “Follow” became tokens to play on that stage. Those numbers on my social networking sites became my resume to show how large of a crowd I could bring into a venue. And while performing is being discussed. I already have originals that my fan base has learned. I don’t need the remixes, because cough cough performing them would be illegal. Presto, I get some gigs, based off of my fans and likes on social medias, and some paychecks to keep my career going so I can focus only on the music. Then I continue producing new material and performing at shows until the right label decides to “discover me.”

              Yea yea yea, I know. Realistically im still at phase one, but im in the midst of phase two with a pair of remixes coming out in a month. But hey at least I have my strategy to play by. Whether I approached the game correctly or not, we will see. But atleast this will get you new and upcoming artists to think about your approach. Because hey, we have to conquer our dreams before they conquer us right? #Strategy

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 10.22.18 PM

You know what… this is a very legit comment by Justin Timberlake. I believe this speaks for all artists and producers. We really are the first to obsess over our songs before you hear it. I mean “Wake Up” was the first song I ever started working on but it was one of the last out of the first batch to be completed. I have over 50 versions of “Wake Up” .. whether it be instrumental changes or lyrical changes…All to finally satisfy me .. the creator… the obsessor… the dreamer. Just because you have talent in making music or singer/rapping… doesn’t mean you can whip up a batch a songs with a blink of an eye. It takes time .. alot of time.. and effort to make every piece and attribute of the song flow and work together as one masterpiece. Like Timberlake Said.. “You just don’t get that everyday. You have to wait for it.” I’m not the biggest fan of his music.. some of his songs i really enjoy .. like love stoned.. but for the most part I’m not a huge fan of his music.. but after hearing this quote and knowing that he has basically been mentoring with other producers.. im pretty pumped to hear his new album.

Another Side Note… I really really enjoy Timberlake as an actor. You may disagree… but for an artist to go pursue an acting career is sometimes distracting to watch.. but i feel like he does a great job and i give him props for that. (P.s I think he is hilarious in Bad Teacher hahah)

..So I’ve had this thought for a couple of years now that I would love to get people thinking about…and their thoughts. So if you put away religion and think scientifically, we are just molecules and atoms. As everyone has noticed there is a huge rise in cancer.. and what is cancer exactly? Cancer are cells that have simply mutated.. they have become smarter or evolved cells within us and multiply rapidly. Well…if you look at earth as an organism..lets say a human.. all us animals and every organism on the planet are technically just cells doing their job to keep the Earth’s natural cycle going. Oh but wait… something happened..a specific cell, aka the monkey, had mutated..better known as evolution. A cell that is unlike any other in the Earth’s organism that does not follow it’s natural course. HUMANS ARE EARTH’S CANCER. We have managed to take over Earth’s space on land.. killing, who knows how many, innocent cells (animals/organisms), and are slowly but surely killing the Earth and it’s natural cycle. Side Note.. Humans Are Made Up Primarily Of Water… Ummm So Is The Earth. But Anyways… What if you looked at trees and grass as hair…when we get cancer we lose our hair…kinda like we destroy trees like no other. Somehow For Some Odd Reason Our Bodies Have A Natural Cycle That keeps Everything In Check and Running…All Of Our Organs, Cells, Veins, Nerves, Etc. Just work together and do their job .. kinda like every organism on Earth (But Homosapians) Just have a Natural Duty and purpose on Earth.

But wait.. What if we stop thinking about Earth as a full organism a human. What if we start looking at Earth as an organ in an organism… the Solar system. Cancer starts in one place in our body’s .. lets just say the liver..And continues to spread. Hmmm.. well lets see.. we’ve already invaded the Moon and Mars.. and plan on building communities on those planets. Long story short, the Cancer continues to spread. And come on there are sooooo many solar systems in this universe…what if the universe is the bigger organ and us solar systems are just the organs that create it and keep that bigger organ running.

Why wouldn’t it make sense to call us cells in a system. And how could you be oblivious enough to say “no there is no way we are cancer.” We make our own rules and destroy whatever is in our paths to survive. Yes, people think its a hoax.. but i dont… Look at Global Warming, Climate Change or whatever you call it.. we are messing with Earth’s Immune System. Inside of us we have our liver to detox us from poisons, our stomachs break down food and then ships it out of us.. like a black hole.., Our lungs inhale and exhale the air we breath… well look at natural disasters. Those are Earth’s inner, natural ways to cleanse itself from germs, sicknesses, etc. And yeaap it’s going to try it’s hardest to get rid of it’s cancer. Global warming makes warmer water temperatures and messes with all types of cycles. Well last time I checked warmer waters create stronger storms. We are giving Earth a Fever and unfortunately it doesn’t have medicine to cure itself. It only has its natural elements to fix itself.

Have you ever seen the end scene in the movie The Men In Black? Remember how Earth is just a marble that Aliens are playing with? It’s Kind of Like That. No matter what the trend will always expand outside of us and within us. Cells make up cells that make up cells that make up cells, etc. We are cells that make up other cells that make up other cells, etc.

But wait again.. what if humans are the key to start up the organ.  With the Internet we have technically created a nervous system.  All of our thoughts, all the ways to make us a better organ as a whole, every single way the earth works is online and any “cancer cell” for the most part will be able to access this information.  What if we are the blue prints to wake the solar system up?


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